Global domain name transaction rankings: 20 million is required to be on the list! 7 are 2-letter .com
2019-07-20 10:54
For people who don’t understand domain names, they generally have no way of understanding why some people pay tens of millions or even hundreds of millions to buy it.

But for people who know domain names, this approach is normal, because they can better understand the value of a good domain name. A good domain name can build a good brand, and it also plays a role in promoting brand promotion.

Today, the editor will sort out the list of sky-high-priced domain names in public domain name transaction records. Let us take a look at how amazing their value is!

1. $49.7 million

The domain name was registered in August 1995. In November 2010, American Internet company Quinstreet acquired the car insurance website and domain name for a huge sum of US$49.7 million (approximately RMB 339 million).

2. $35.6 million

The domain name was registered in June 1994. Quinstreet, an American online advertising company, held a conference call in August 2010 to announce that it had acquired the domain name for a total price of US$36.5 million (approximately RMB 250 million).

3. $35 million

In 2007, Brian Sharpless, founder of the American vacation home rental website HomeAway, bought it for $35 million.

4. $30.18 million literally means "private jet" and was sold for an eye-popping $30.18 million in 2012.

5. $30 million (

In 2019, EOS developer acquired the domain name for US$30 million and will use it to build a blockchain social platform.

6. 2500BTC ( is the first global leading digital asset trading platform strategically invested by Bitcoin China. On May 25, 2018, spent 2,500 BTC (approximately RMB 150 million) to acquire the domain name as the exchange traffic entrance (surpassing to become the most expensive domain name in China).

7. US$17 million (

Beijing Qihoo 360 spent US$17 million to acquire the domain name from foreign telecom operator Vodafone in February 2015. According to people familiar with the matter, an investor had been negotiating with Vodafone for for three years, but the other party rejected an offer of US$14 million.

8. $16 million was sold for $16 million in October 2012., which offers life, auto and health insurance policies for sale, was purchased by QuinStreet.

9. $13 million

In 2006, the Boston adult entertainment company Escom, the owner of the "sex" domain name, declared bankruptcy. In 2010, the domain name was sold to the Sedo platform for US$13 million.

10. $11 million

Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, acquired the brand domain name for US$11 million.

11. $10 million

On January 12, 2016, LeTV announced that had officially changed its name to LeTV Video, adopted a new LOGO, and launched the international top-level domain name worth tens of millions of dollars.

12. $9,999,950

Few believed the deal, which was brokered by Clek Media. In 2008, was sold to a New York listed company in an all-cash transaction.

13. $9.5 million conducted an all-cash transaction in 2007 for US$9.5 million, making it the second largest erotic top-level domain name after in terms of transaction value.

14. $9 million

In April 2017, news broke that ShoeBuy, a shoe e-commerce company owned by Walmart, acquired the domain name According to overseas domain name investor George Kirikos, court documents show that Walmart acquired the domain name for US$9 million.

15. $800

In June 2015, Renrendai acquired for US$8 million and built the We financial platform. The domain name can be translated as "we" and has the same pronunciation as "we". Regardless of appearance or meaning, it can be called a top-level domain name. Renrendai is really willing to spend money to enhance its brand image.

16. $7.5 million is a business search engine website co-founded in 1999 by Jack Weinbaum, the former chairman of Disney Network Group, and Skye Deighton, the founder of Earthlink. In July 2007, the American Yellow Pages publisher RH Donnelley acquired the company for US$345 million and obtained the domain name.

17. $7 million is a search engine company that searches for beer news, beer history and beer games. It was auctioned for US$7 million in 2004.

18. exceeded US$6.78 million

Japanese Internet giant spent US$6.78 million to buy this domain name in 2007. Now click on and you will enter the company's online trading platform.

19. $5.88 million

This domain name was sold at auction for US$5.88 million in 2008. This domain name was registered in 1994 by the American Jew Joel Noel-Friedman.

20. $5.5 million

In June 2010, Calvin Ayre, the founder of the online gambling company Bodogbrand, participated in the online auction bidding of the domain name in a London bar, and finally bought it for about US$5.5 million. The "slot machine" domain name

21. $5.2 million

At that time, Apple was about to release its cloud computing service and call it iCloud. In 2011, before Apple launched its cloud service, it paid $5.2 million to software company Xcerion to buy the domain name.

22. $5.1 million

In 2009, American toy retailer Toys R Us (ToysRus) bought the domain name for US$5.1 million. As the largest toy retailer in the United States, ToysRus’ original official website domain name was, and the domain name happened to mean “toys”. Toys “R” Us’ acquisition of this domain name was extremely beneficial to its business development.

23. $5 million

The most expensive country name top-level domain name transaction was, which was purchased for US$5 million in January 2000.

24. 350BTC

The domain name XMX.COM was registered in 1993. It is a three-letter domain name registered very early. In 2018, the well-known blockchain company XMAX acquired XMX.COM for up to 350 Bitcoins.

25. 30 million yuan

Internet giant first used the combined domain name With the continuous development of the Internet, saw the advertising value and traffic value of short domain names, and did not hesitate to spend 30 million to acquire

26. 22.43 million yuan

In 2014, Xiaomi acquired and launched for US$3.6 million. Xiaomi also officially put up the slogan "The world is closer". This move was considered to be another major step for Xiaomi to accelerate its internationalization.

27. 2000BTC

On August 22, 2017, acquired It is reported that ZB Group spent 2,000 BTC on this domain name in 2017 (more than 20 million yuan at the time, and now it has increased to 150 million yuan).

28. 1000BTC

It is understood that this domain name was sold at a high price of 1,000 BTC in 2017. is a two-letter top-level domain name, and its pronunciation is very similar to that of Tencent Q Coin. Its current value is at least tens of millions.

The 28 most expensive domain names in history are listed above. Some are used for personal investment or collection, and some are activated by terminals. The industries covered are even more diverse, and each domain name is a rare and scarce domain name with extremely high value